Reopening Guide - Phase 1

Here’s what is currently available (check back for updates):

  • Pool (lap swimming and water walking only)
  • Outdoor group exercise
  • Gymnastics (team only)

Here’s what is currently unavailable (check back for updates):

  • Wellness Center
  • Towel service
  • Coffee service
  • Drinking fountains (bottle fillers remain open)
  • Locker rooms
  • Saunas and steam rooms
  • Hot tub
  • Kids Korner, Prime Time & Tot Spot
  • Gymnasium
  • Raquetball Courts
  • Lounges
  • Cycling Studio
  • Indoor track
  • Indoor group exercise



Phased Opening: We are opening up slowly, cautiously and with great care. We are limiting the number of people in our buildings and limiting the spaces/equipment/programs that are available. We ask our members to maintain social distancing at all times. Please be patient with us as we make adjustments to our offerings. We are abiding by NYS guidelines and are not able to fully reopen at this time. We will be giving updates via email, social media and our website.

Membership Status: In order to limit paper transfer at this time, we will have a remote Membership Services team available instead of on-site to take any members off hold/reactivate memberships. Please email or call 518.793.3878 for assistance. 

New Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday: 7:00am – 6:00pm (Office) 7:00am – 2:00pm (Pool) 7:00-10:00am & 5:00-6:00pm (Outdoor Group Exercise)

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed

Reservations: Due to group size limitations, reservations are required for members entering the Y and for outdoor group exercise classes. There is a one hour time limit per visit. 


Health Screening: Both members and staff will be required to submit a questionnaire before being allowed to enter and use the Y facilities and/or attend outdoor group exercise classes. Members will fill out the form in front of the Y facility on an iPad and have a temperature check.

New Waiver & Code of Conduct: Before you return to the Y, you'll need to agree to a new waiver and code of conduct. 

New Waiver & Code of Conduct

Members Only: During the initial stages of our reopening, the facility and outdoor group exercise classes will be open to Glens Falls Family YMCA members only. No guests or nationwide reciprocity members will be permitted.

Single Entry and Exit: The YMCA building will be open for pool access and gymnastics team only during Phase 1. You will enter through the preschool doors to the right of the main entrance. The front entrance will be reserved for staff and handicap access only. If you are using the pool, you will exit the pool area through the Aquatics Hallway door and use the exit door to the right. There will be directional arrows to help you. If you are using the Gymnastics Studio, you will exit through the back door of the Gymnastics Studio.

PPE for All Staff: All staff will be required to wear face masks.

PPE for Members: We are following the guidelines from our local health officials on mask use. A face mask will be required until actively exercising and as soon as your are finished with your workout.

Self-Scan: Members will be asked to self-scan to allow for limited contact entry. Please have your scan tag when checking in.

Social Distancing: All open areas inside the Y have been reorganized where necessary to help ensure social distancing between members. Signage will be placed prominently throughout the facility to drive awareness of this requirement. 

Frequent Cleaning & Sanitizing: Our cleaning protocols have been increased and updated, with frequent sanitation of high touch areas during all times of the day. We've ensured all cleaning and disinfecting products used in the facility, including hand sanitizer, are EPA-approved, and we're maintaining communication with cleaning staff to confirm the latest guidelines and regulations are being met.


Group Exercise

Due to inclement weather (thunderstorms, extreme heat, etc.), outdoor classes are subject to change. Members will be notified by MotionVibe, our reservation software, at least 30 minutes prior to the class start time if a cancellation is necessary.

  • Health Check Station: Please visit the health check station located in front of the building after parking for your health screening and check-in.
  • Class Sizes: Classes will be limited to 12 people to promote social distancing.
  • Social Distancing: Distance will be maintained of at least 6 feet and individual exercise class space will be marked
  • Reservations: Online registration is required at least 24 hours before the scheduled class time. Only active Y members may register for our outdoor classes.
  • What to Bring: If you need a mat for your workout or to stretch on, please plan to bring your own. We also ask that you bring a filled water bottle.
  • Equipment: Any equipment used will be sanitized before and after class. Staff will use gloves while cleaning and transporting equipment.
  • Masks: While you are not required to wear a mask if actively exercising, a face mask will be required up until that point.
  • Virtual Classes: We will continue to offer some live virtual classes via Zoom for members who may not be ready to return to an in-person group setting. Please make a reservation in MotionVibe to receive login information.
  • Age Minimum: Members will need to be 14+ to attend classes.


  • Health Check Station: Please visit the health check station located in front of the building after parking for your health screening and check-in.
  • Lane Reservations: Upon reopening, the pool will be open for lap swimming and water walking only. Lanes will be limited to one swimmer each and a lane reservation will be required at least 24 hours in advance. One lane will be reserved for water walking only. Pool group exercise classes will not be available at this time.
  • General: We ask that members arrive in their swimsuit as locker rooms are closed.
  • Pool Showers: There will not be a shower available before or after pool use. We ask that everyone has rinsed off before arriving.
  • Lane Entry: If you've reserved an even number lane, you'll enter the pool at the deep end, and if you've reserved an odd number lane, you'll enter at the shallow end. Designated areas will be marked for you to place your things, since lockers will not be available.
  • Masks: While you are not required to wear a mask if actively exercising, a face mask will be required up until that point.
  • Age Minimum: Members will need to be 14+ to enter the Pool.
  • New Exit: The new pool exit will be through the doors exiting into the Aquatics Hallway and to the right. There will be directional arrows.
  • Sanitation: Once all the swimmers have left the pool area the lifeguard will disinfect the pool area with gloves and a mask and/or face shield on.



  • Health Check Station: Please visit the health check station located in front of the building after parking for your health screening and check-in.
  • Capacity Limits: The use of the gymnastics studio will be limited to team use only for their 5-week program. Each level will have a max. of 20 gymnasts to promote social distancing.
  • Time: Each color group will have 3-4 hours roughly a day to work on skills.
  • Sanitation: No street shoes will be allowed in the studio. Gymnasts will sanitize hands and feet before entering the studio. Staff will carry hand sanitizer in fanny packs.
  • Drop-Off/Pick-Up: Parents will not be allowed in the facility. Gymnasts must be dropped off and picked up at their designated time.
    Drop-off: Parents can park in the front parking lot and bring their gymnast to the health screening table. Once the gymnast is cleared they may enter the facility and the parent may return to their car. Pick-up: Parents will wait in their cars in the front parking lot. The coaching staff will line up the gymnasts in the studio and walk them out to the parking lot for pick up to the parents’ cars
  • What to Bring: Gymnasts will bring with them their own chalk, grips, tiger paws, water, and a snack.
  • Social Distancing: Gymnasts will work in areas designated 6 feet apart. No spotting will be allowed. All coaches and gymnasts will stay 6 feet apart unless there is an emergency.
  • Equipment: Equipment will be cleaned before and after use.
  • Masks: While you are not required to wear a mask if actively exercising, a face mask will be required up until that point.
  • Cleaning: 30 minutes have been designated for a deep cleaning between each level as well as at the end of the day.

The information on this page is subject to change as new information and guidance becomes available. Last updated 7/30/20.