Summer Camp FAQs

What are the dates for summer camp? 
July 6th – September 4th, Monday - Friday

How much does YMCA summer camp cost? 
Chippewa – Mohican (ages 6 to 14): Member $188 per week/Non-Member $232 per week.
A $25.00 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of registration per week and a one time $15.00 registration fee.
All payments are due the Friday prior to the week, if payment is not received registration will be cancelled.

What clothes/gear does my child need?
  • No back packs - small bags are preferred
  • Closed toed shoes, no flip flops
  • Please keep all toys, electronic devices and cell phones at home.
  • Clothes that allow for play and are appropriate for the weather
  • Face covering
  • Suntan lotion
Do you offer financial assistance or scholarships? 
Yes. Please email for more information. 

What kind of activities will my child participate in? 
They will participate in arts and crafts, group games (following the guidelines and safety for the kids), STEM Activities, nature walks and enrichment programs all based on the theme for the week.

Do campers go on field trips? 
No, we will be holding clubs on Thursday as an alternative.
The clubs on Thursdays will be an assortment of activities ranging from building, theatrics, STEM activities, sports and much more!
Why were some camps cancelled?
For the safety and well-being of the staff and children we have limited the number of camps to adhere to NYS guidelines and the ability to clean the equipment and maintain social distancing.
Why are there no camps for children under the age of six?
Our number one priority is the safety and well-being of both campers and staff. We will not be holding camp for children under 6 due to spacing constraints and concern regarding social distancing per NYS Guidelines.

What health and safety protocols are you implementing as a result of COVID-19?
Please see our Summer Camp 2020 Safety Plan

Are children required to wear masks?
Per the guidelines they do not need to but we do encourage it while we are at the Y.
If we go outside of our home base, like Coles Woods, then they will be required.

How many kids will be at camp?
Our maximum number is 70 per week as per NYS Guidelines.
All campers will be grouped into pods of 10.

What happens if a child tests positive for COVID-19?
Please see our Summer Camp 2020 Safety Plan

What happens if the weather gets bad?
Depending on the severity of the weather children will stay outside under their tents.
In the event that we need to go inside, we have space available in the YMCA and the Rec Center.

Will children be instructed on good hygiene practices?
Yes, but a healthy camp starts at home!

Will hand sanitizer be available?
Yes, but we encourage you to bring some from home.
We have built times for sanitizing hands into our daily schedule as well as whenever needed.

Will my children be sharing supplies and equipment with other children?
Yes, only with other children in their pod of 10.
Hands will be sanitized before and after.
Supplies and equipment will be cleaned each day.

Will the pool be open for swimming?
We will not be swimming at camp this summer due to safety and social distancing measures.

Will children be allowed on playgrounds?
Yes, we will use the playground at the YMCA as per the NYS Guidelines in pods of 10 (one group at a time).
We will not be going to the Crandall Park Playground.

Will breakfast and lunch be served?
Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide breakfast and lunch to our campers.
The Regional Food Bank cannot provide individual meals due to guidelines; we will have a backpack program available.

How will the children go to the bathroom?
We will have porta-potties available for the children to use; access to the Y is limited except for emergencies or if the weather requires it.
Porta-potties will be cleaned once a week by the company we are renting from and periodically throughout the day by the Y.