Staff Directory

Madeline Sumner

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Madeline also holds a Group Exercise Certification through Y USA/ACE and her Zumba Fitness Certification through Zumba Fitness, LLC. She has been teaching various formats of Group Exercise classes at the Y for three years. These formats include Tabata, Cardio Kickboxing, Weight class and HIIT classes.

Nicholas Marcantonio

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Nick has a Bachelor of Science in Fitness Development from SUNY Cortland. While at Cortland he ran cross country and track, and was a 3-time All-American. Nick currently competes in triathlons, and have qualified for the 2017 Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. He specializes in sports specific training, overall fitness, injury prevention, and run specific training.

Caryn Fuller

AFAA Certified Personal Trainer

Caryn's exercise philosophy is variety is the key to success. Boredom is the leading cause of quitting our fitness goals. When you work with Caryn you develop a plan that motivates, engages, and drives you to success. No matter what your goals are (weight loss, improved flexibility, improved health, increased strength or all of the above) Caryn can help you succeed!

Rachel Rosati

AFAA Certified Personal Trainer

Rachel uses several different training styles with my clients, but HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is her favorite style of training. Rachel have been certified for 4 years. She also works full-time as an Exercise Physiologist at the GF Hospital Rehabilitation and Wellness Center.

Lisa Camp

YUSA Certified Personal Trainer

Lisa is the Wellness Director and has been part of the Glens Falls YMCA team since 2005, with an additional ten years of service from 1990-2000 in the Aquatics Department as a Swim Instructor. She earned her B.A. in Human Behavior from Skidmore College.

Dorian Randall

Membership Retention Specialist

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Brian Bearor

Chief Executive Officer

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Kevin King

Associate Executive Director

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Todd Lunt

Senior Human Resources Director

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Brenna Lupo

Executive Director of Programs

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Kayla Carlozzi

Campaign & Events Director

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Anne Christopher

Executive Assistant

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Kristen Flynn

Strategic Initiatives Coordinator

Todd Ash

Maintenance Director

Billie Jo Ryan

After School Coordinator

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Angela Todriff

Childcare & Camp Director

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Kaylin Scott

Youth Program Coordinator

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Todd Ash Jr.

Youth Sports Coordinator


Matthew Halewski

Aquatics Director

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Dennie Swan-Scott

Head Swim Team Coach

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Gavin Cummings

Membership Experience Director

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Heather Siegel-Sawma

Membership Experience & Marketing Coordinator

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James McGuire

Wellness Floor Coordinator

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Lisa Camp

Wellness Director

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Tammy Decker

Gymnastics & Performing Arts Director

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Juanita Combs

Assistant Director of Gymnastics & Performing Arts

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Tammie LaGuerre

YMCA Adirondack Center Director


Jack Bartlett

YMCA Adirondack Center Branch Coordinator


Kelly Edwards

Staff Accountant

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Wanda Kenley

Accounting Assistant

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Kim Albarelli

Program Administrative Assistant

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