Infant Swimming Resource (ISR)

ISR lessons are one-on-one lessons between your child and his/her instructor.

Each lesson is 10 minutes long Monday-Friday over the course of approximately 6 weeks. ISR follows time-tested methods and protocols which are designed to ensure your child’s safety both in and around the water.  Consistency is crucial and your child’s progress will rely heavily on regular lesson attendance. ISR lessons are a big time commitment. We encourage family members or friends to share the responsibility of bringing your child to his/her lesson.

What is the difference between Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) and YMCA Parent/Child lessons?

Y Parent/Child lessons take place in a group setting and the primary goal of the course is water acclimation. ISR lessons, however, are one-on-one between your child and his/her certified ISR instructor and the focus is on drowning prevention. ISR lessons will teach your child how to self-rescue should he/she ever fall into the water unsupervised.

Jackie Kinney - certified ISR Instructor

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