Youth & Government

  • (Grades 9-12)

The Glens Falls Family YMCA works with the Queensbury High School to bring this program to their students. Queensbury students can contact Mr. Terry for information. Other students or potential advisors, please contact Member Services (


The focus and highlight of the NYS YMCA Youth & Government program is the state-wide annual conference held in Albany in March. The conference is a culmination of months of preparation on legislative pieces and other work by participants in their local clubs. It is a time to debate issues, discover new information, and make new friends… we are the oldest Youth & Government Program in the United States, and as we progress we will only get bigger, stronger, and better!


National YMCA Youth & Government

  • YMCA Youth & Government is a teen leadership program established in 1936 with the motto of “Democracy Must be Learned by Each Generation.” Currently the program is held in 36 States involving more than 46,000 students each year. The program’s goal is to help teens to gain a greater appreciation and understanding
    of the democratic process while teaching vital leadership skills.
    New York State YMCA Youth & Government
    The New York State program has been in existence since 1936 (we started Y&G!) and thousands of high school teens have benefited from it. Training and issue conferences are held annually where workshops are conducted on bill writing, debating, chairing committees, parliamentary procedure, public speaking, and the legislative process. For more information about the program at the state level, please visit


This program offers unusual opportunities for young people to research statewide concerns; to organize this information into legislation or other forms; to engage intensive discussions; and to debate these pieces of legislation with other outstanding young people from all over New York. Other program goals include:

  • • Providing training and experience in understanding the legislative process
    • Providing active participation in the legislative process
    • Providing awareness of social issues and their possible resolution
    • Fostering the development of leadership and communication skills
    • Providing opportunities to hear and respect varying viewpoints


  • Members FREE / Potential-Members $45
    State conference fee: TBA (approximately $340)        
  • Registration form can be found here.