Preschool Age Gymnastics


Family Gym Time
6 mos-2 yr
Toddlers develop basic tumbling & motor skills through exploration, guided by a parent/ guardian. 40 minutes.
Tumbling Tots
2 & 3 yr
This class is primarily for fun and child/parent bonding. Music & movement exploration is a major part of the curriculum. Hand/Eye coordination is developed along with small motor development. Children will also work on some gymnastics skillls on the floor, bars, beam and tumble trak. Structured 40 minute with parent class with parent.


3-4 yr
This class is designed for the 3-4 year old who is able to stay with a class and follow directions. We keep a low ratio because the child will be working independantly at stations supervised by their instructor. Circuts include activities and gymnastics skills to promote fine and gross motor development. 

4-5 yr
This 45 minute class is for boys and girls and concentrates predominantly on gymnstics skills along with an emphasis on overall fitness. Students will learn skills on uneven bars, balance beam, floor, bars and tumble trak in preparation for progressive gymnastics. Educational components include; color & shape recognition, spacial awareness, concepts and more.

  • Attire Requirements:
    Elastic waist pants/shorts, cotton shirt tucked in, hair up, no jewelry.