Children learn about themselves and the world through movement, as dance is fully integrated into their exploration and play. Our YMCA’s dance progression program supports their discoveries through classes rich in body part articulation, spatial exploration, music and rhythm. Maybe you've never considered ballet or other dance forms as an afterschool activity before. Now that you are aware of some of the wonderful benefits of this form of dance you have another option for your children. Who knows, one day they could be dancing across stages all over the country and beyond.

 Theatre/Jazz Dance (ages 8+) Theater Dance presents the student with the fun and fabulous style of Broadway Theater dance. Dancers learn the basics of technique and alignment through a ballet based warm-up and also get to practice the specifics of context and setting for each week's Jazz combination. Learn to perform with confidence and style. This is the acting class all dancers need. All levels welcome! Prior knowledge suggested, but not necessary. See attire requirements for Jazz. Performance in End of year arts show.

Ballet (age 7+)

Ballet technique helps to improve posture, coordination, poise, posture, form and more. They gain a sense of self-confidence and pride in their bodies and what they can accomplish. Students learn how to work to get what they want out of their performance. Skills learned in ballet are useful for other forms of dancing like tap or jazz if they want to take that up later. This class is also recommended for gymnasts who have not taken dance or need additional dance training to improve their score, safe landings and biomechanically correct take-offs and landings for jumps and leaps as well as sound turning techniques.

See attire requirements.

Kinderballet/tap (age 3-5) Three & Four year olds are developing autonomy through gross motor exploration and play. Our YMCA’s Creative Dance Instruction classes offer a safe, fun-filled starting place for learning to dance on their own. This class is a real value, with 2 classes in one including basic ballet & tap movements, beginning barre work, combinations & more. Perform in end of year arts show.

Pre-Ballet/Jazz/Tap (age 5-7) Children up to age 7 expand range of motion, body articulation, and locomotion as children learn how to put movements together, solve simple movement problems, and come to understand that dance-making can be about the expressions of feelings or ideas. They increase their knowledge of spatial concepts (line, path, level, and focus) and explore energy concepts. Class time includes loco-motor basics, ballet barre work, balance exercises, kicks, turns, leaps and combinations. Jazz & Tap basics and combinations. Performance in End of year arts show.

Praise Dance (age 9+) dance styles (including contemporary, lyrical, street jazz and ballet. Props such as silk streamers, tambourines, twirling flags or silk fans may be used. All dances are done to contemporary Christian music. Performance in End of year arts show.

  • Praise Intermediate/Advanced
  • Praise Beginner
  • Homeschool Praise Dance

Hip Hop (ages 5-7 or ages 8+) Hip hop is a popular, energetic dance style, usually danced to hip hop music, that evolved from the hip hop culture. Funk/ Street Jazz/ Breaking moves may also be incorporated. See attire requirements.

Tu-Tu and Three: (ages 2-3)

Our TuTu and Three parent-child classes emphasize relationship-based dance curriculum and practice the developmental patterns critical to early learning. Toddlers need practice with fledgling social relations that help to relieve anxiety about aloneness in the world. This community of children & parents dancing together supports this natural development. Come join other families to investigate independence, stop and go, locomotion, big and small movements, shape-making and many dance activities designed exclusively for the 2-3 year old.

 Attire Requirements:

Tap: Age 4: elastic in shoes (no ties), tan tights, black leotard, hair up Age 7 & younger: Black tap shoes, hair up Age 8+: Tan tap shoes with low heel, tan tights, black leotard, hair up Ballet/ classes that include ballet: Age 7 & younger: pink tights & pink leotard, hair up Age 8+: pink tights, dark solid color leotard, hair in bun or ponytail, long-sleeved black leotard for pre-recital performances. Sheer skirts no longer than mid-thigh or snug shorts & ankle warmers are permitted but not required. Hair up. Jazz: For class, black or tan Jazz shoes may be worn. Tan tights, black leotard, shorts or black jazz pants, hair up. For our end of year performance Tan jazz shoes. Hair up. Contemporary / Lyrical/ Praise: Solid leotard with snug shorts, leggings or tights. (Snug shorts are permitted but not required). Hair up

Hip Hop Long hair up. Appropriate athletic attire with elastic waist pants. Smooth, flat bottomed sneakers (such as tennis shoe without sticky rubber). Jazz or dance sneakers preferred. No Jeans.