Facility Hours

SUMMER HOURS (6/23/2018 - 9/9/2018)

DAY              FRONT DOOR   BACK DOOR 
Mon-Fri          5am-10pm      8am-11am
Mon-Thur       5am-10pm      3:30pm-7pm
Fri                 5am-10pm      3:30pm-6pm

Sat                6am-5pm          8am-12pm
Sun               7am-4pm               N/A    

Fall and Winter Facility Hours (Effective 9/10/2018-6/22/2019)

DAY              FRONT DOOR      BACK DOOR
Mon-Fri          5am-10pm         8am-11am
Mon-Thur       5am-10pm         3:30pm-8pm
Fri                 5am-10pm         3:30pm-7pm

Sat                6am-7pm           8am-12pm
Sun               6am-7pm               N/A


We are closed on:

Thanksgiving / Christmas / Easter / Memorial Day / Labor Day / 4th of July

* Thunder & Lightning Policy – The YMCA will require immediate closure of  the pool in the event that lightning or thunder is present in or around the area. The pools will remain closed until 30 minutes past the last visible lightning strike or episode of thunder.