Swim Tests at the Y

Published Monday, October 22, 2018

Swim tests may be conducted only by Glens Falls YMCA Lifeguards or Swim Instructors

  • Swim test Times: Tues/Thurs 5:30p-6:30p - Sat 12:30-1:30p
  • Anytime during family swim when two or more Lifeguards are on duty and there are fewer than 25 people in the pool.

Swim Test Procedures:

  1. All patrons under the age of 12 must take a swim test before being able to swim in the deep end
  2. Patrons over the age of 12 but under 16 may be required to take a swim test, at the lifeguards discretion
  3. Lifeguards may revoke or retest patrons at any time
  4. At no time may a child whom has not passed a swim test swim in the deep end of the pool
    1. Unless as part of a Glens Falls YMCA Swim Lessons or special event authorized by the Aquatics Director
  5. Wristbands will be issued by the lifeguard upon successful completion of the swim test.
  6. Patrons are responsible for bringing their wristbands each time they would like to swim in the deep end.
  7. If patrons fail to bring their wristband, they will check in with front desk to get one to borrow.
  8. Non-members and Guests will be able to borrow a wristband after passing the swim test

Swimmer must demonstrate:

  1. Jumping feet first into the shallow end and start swimming toward the deep end.
    1. During the swim the swimmer's body must remain horizontal in the water.
    2. Must swim with their face fully in the water for a portion of the swim.
  2. Once in the deep end the swimmer must climb out of the pool and jump back into the water.
  3. The swimmer must then tread water for one minute.