April Mission Moment

Celebrating a Special Birthday

Published Friday, March 3, 2017

Jeanette moved to the Glens Falls area around 1990 from Westchester with her husband. Shortly after moving to the area she started to take the Water Workout class led by Phyllis Hudson and has continued taking this class to this day. Her friends from the Water Workout wanted to celebrate Jeanette's 92nd birthday so they decide to surprise her with a party in our lobby!

Jeanette's friends from the Water Workout keep an eye on her because she cannot walk without her cane, but even with a cane she cannot always keep her balance. Jeanette grew up in Armonk, NY, which is just outside Greenwich, CT. She lived in Westchester with her belated husband before they moved to the Glens Falls area together and she has found a close-knit group of friends to keep her company. You can find Jeanette sitting in the lobby after Water Workout class with her friends drinking coffee and chatting about their week.