Membership Rates

Glens Falls YMCA - Effective Sept. 1, 2018   Monthly Bank Draft Day Pass
Youth (13 and Under)   $17.00 $5.00
Teen (14-18)   $21.00 $7.00
Young Adult (19-26)   $28.00 $8.00
 Young Adult FLR (19-26)   $40.00 $20.00
Adult (27-61)   $53.00 $10.00
Family   $77.00 $25.00
Senior Citizen (62+)   $40.00 $9.00
Senior Citizen Couple (62+ Both Members)   $60.00 N/A
Adult Fitness Locker Room (27-61)   $64.00 $20.00
Family Fitness Locker Room   $92.00 N/A
Senior Citizen Fitness Locker Room (62+)   $50.00 N/A
Senior Citizen Couple Fitness Locker Room (62+ Both Members)   $75.00 N/A
 We accept Silver Sneakers, CDPHP and Optum Fitness Insurance Memberships!

A Government issued ID must be presented for all first time entries into the facility. Members and guest will be required to present their Identification at Member Services during their initial visit.

Membership Information:

There is a $50.00 Joiner’s Fee for all new young adults, adults, senior, family, fitness locker room memberships, and those not renewed within 90 days of expiration.

Family membership - Family members residing in the same household can consist of up to two adults ages 18 and older, full time college students up to the age of 24, and children under the age of 18.

• For speed of access we ask for members to present their membership card upon entering the building.

• Due to the draft process, we ask that all membership changes or cancelations be submitted by the 7th of the month.

• Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

• To ensure the safety of our children we use Raptor Software to identify sex offenders. We ask all visitors, ages 18 and older, to present a government issued photo ID upon entering the facility and on occasion the grounds.