Aquatic Group Fitness


All AQUATIC Classes require pre-registration at the Membership Desk. Please no walk-ins due to class limits, with the exception of Senior Aqua Fit.  Senior Aqua Fit is a drop-in class which requires sign in at the Membership Desk.

Aquatic Fitness classes work with the body's natural buoyancy to take stress off all the joints to make it easier to work out. Additionally, the water's resistance helps strengthen and tone the body's muscles.

All participants must feel comfortable at least in shallow water. Many classes are performed in both shallow and deep water, but can be modified for participants in the shallow end.

As with any exercise program, please check with your doctor prior to starting any new fitness classes.


AQUA REHABILITATION EXERCISE CLASS (Phyllis): A beginner level class working in a small group.  This class is for individuals coming out of Physical Therapy from injuries, hip, knee and shoulder replacements, and for those with arthritis or other debilitating diseases.  Good posture and balance are worked on and exercises are very basic, slow and easy with no aerobic activities.  Please fill out the required Special Participant Information Form and present to Phyllis prior to the start of the class.


SENIOR AQUAFIT CLASS (Phyllis): A beginner to intermediate level class catering to participants 50+.  This class utilizes different exercises and routines coupled with mild aerobics, all at the pace and comfort level of each individual.  This is for participants with mild arthritis or returning from minor injuries.  This is a great place to start with aquatic fitness if over the age of 50!


WATER WORKOUT CLASS (Phyllis): This is an intermediate level to class similar to Senior Aquafit, but with the addition of more difficult exercises and higher intensity level of aerobic activities.  All participants are still working at their own pace and comfort level.


AQUA SAMPLER (Margaret):  This is a moderate to high intensity aqua fitness class performed in shallow and deep water using a variety of exercises each class to help sculpt and strengthen muscles while improving flexibility and endurance.  May include, but not limited to water yoga, tai chi, kickboxing and more!

DEEP WATER JOGGING CLASS (Phyllis): This is an intermediate to advanced level class and requires that  participants feel comfortable in deep water.  All exercises are performed in deep water only using a belt to remain in a vertical position.  Approximately half of the class time is aerobic activity with heart rate checks.  Exercises in this class are at a higher difficulty and intensity level than the Water Workout program.  This class is a pre-requisite for the Aqua Aerobics class, which is the most advanced class.


ADVANCED AQUA RUNNING CLASS (Phyllis): This is an advanced level class consisting entirely of high intensity aerobics and very difficult exercises.  This class is very fast paced with no time to socialize. Must take Deep Water Jogging and have instructor approval.

AQUA EXPLOSION CLASS (Jessica): Water Exercise is no longer just for seniors!        High energy and intensity, low impact aqua fitness that focuses on full body toning and aerobic conditioning.  Sculpt and strengthen muscles and improve flexibility and endurance in this motivating music based aerobics class!

AQUA FIT CLASS (Nancy): This is an advanced level class consisting entirely of high intensity aerobics and very difficult exercises.